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What Communities Are Saying

--  How have communities county-wide responded to the overwhelming amount of information in zMOD AND OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD CRISES?  They have joined together and shared their work products and ideas: 


The following declarations, statements and letters offer a repository of factual information and different perspectives.  Collectively, they document the urgency with which concerned citizens wish to share the many issues and concerns zMOD raises among our varied, unique communities.  


These communications have been openly shared in email threads among Fairfax civic/homeowner associations and individuals.  The GOAL is to facilitate communication with county leadership. --

Please, take advantage of this resource.

Add your voice!

Dennis K. Hays, Immediate Past President

Reston Citizens Association

The ZAO report did have some interesting facts buried in their ideology.   They note that in 1960 20% of American households did not own an automobile.  That figure today in Fairfax is more like 4%.  They also draw a distinction between "car free" and "car-less" - the former being a choice to not have a car, the latter referring to individuals who would like to have a car but are restrained from having one, usually for financial reasons.  The difference between 1960 and now is that rising economic opportunity has allowed more Americans to afford a car.  This trend will hopefully continue.   The number of private and commercial vehicles nationwide is increasing by almost 1% per year.   And they all have to be somewhere at night.    

McLean Citizens Association 8-16-2023 Parking Reimagined Resolution

 Request Modifications and Clarifications to Adjustment Authorities. The adjustment authorities in the Advertised Text for the Director of Land Development Services are problematic in that they cede too much power to the Director without requiring consideration of the impacts on the site and citizens and without a mechanism that ensures public notice and opportunities for public comment to the Director. MCA also has offered some minor, clarifying changes to the Board of Supervisors’ authorities. 

More on the way...

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