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Just one year ago Jeff McKay took over the reins as Chair of the Board of Supervisors and stated:




-- What Should Citizens Expect from Fairfax County Government? --

This county does not advertise a particular motto but does say its strategic plan is to promote a diversified economy to benefit its citizens.  It has also adopted a ONE Fairfax Policy to promote county-wide equity in opportunity. 

































   “As I govern from the Chairman’s office, I will continue to live by my high school motto, “Advance Always”.  This means that even though we are one of the best, we need to ensure this County is the best for everyone who lives here.  Everyone in every corner of this County deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.  That’s One Fairfax.” 

"One Fairfax:  Ensure all decisions are led by equal access regardless of who you are, where you live, and where you come from. As Chairman, I will continue to foster inclusion, fairness and diversity in Fairfax."

"Housing: Increase funding to grow the number of affordable housing units and senior housing units, exceeding past goals."

"Combat climate change: Lead by example by removing barriers to solar power, ramping up efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increasing Fairfax’s tree canopy. In Fairfax County, we trust the research of scientists and acknowledge the crisis climate change presents."  


























His priorities include: 

So how has Fairfax County been working with citizens concerned with Land Use matters this past year?  Has it advanced fairness and inclusion?  Has it seriously adopted a far-reaching Climate Change reduction strategy especially in the context of Land Use?


In fact, "Streamlining" the Land Use Process to favor development over citizens and residents has done exactly the opposite.  At the bidding of developers, this process was designed to remove the public voice from development that directly impacts our communities.

Note:  In December 2020, The McLean Citizens Association launched an effort to investigate the possibility of  creating itself as a soverign city to break from the burden of being governed by the County structure.  If a wealthy enclave like McLean isn't thrilled with Fairfax County, perhaps a name change to Un-Fairfax County is in order: 

Citizens must fight for parity and common sense on every development or land use issue.   In compromised virtual hearings, testimony and incalculable hours of research are routinely ignored and outcomes are predetermined -- ALL during the worst pandemic in 100 years.  At least in live hearings attendees were able to connect.  Visual displays had more impact and citizens  were able to catch attention of press or decision makers on the BOS or Planning Commission.


So, what do Citizens WANT?  OUR NAME SAYS IT ALL!










We want a County where we can TRUST our Leaders to prioritize our

health, welfare, and economic success. 

Excluding citizens from the development decision

 process has seriously eroded public trust.



















Streamlining by eliminating public hearings is especially deadly to trust.


Not using latest and best practices or information because it prohibits development somewhere is voluntary ignorance which endangers citizens. 

Not only should hearings be held, but Chair and Supervisors must react to what they are hearing in their subsequent actions.

Perfunctory ‘thanks for your testimony’ is insulting. 

Lip Service is not representative government nor why anyone was elected.

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